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  • Zeitgleich
    The multimedia documentation of the exhibition presented in Hall in Tirol.
    Symposium & Seminar: Ros Bandt, Isabella Bordoni / Roberto Paci Dalò,
    Andres Bosshard, Alvin Curran, Bill Fontana, Matt Heckert, Concha Jerez / José
    Iges, Arthur & Marilouise Kroker, Alvin Lucier, Max Neuhaus, Claude Schryer.
    Exhibition: Robert Adrian X, Ros Bandt, John Blake, Andres Bosshard, Bill Fontana,
    Matt Heckert, Concha Jerez / José Iges, Bernhard Loibner, Helmut Mark,
    Roberto Paci Dalò, Stoph Sauter, Sodomka / Breindl / Math, Gerfried Stocker /
    Horst Hörtner, Lawrence Weiner.
    (cd & cd-rom, Triton / Transit / Kunsthalle Tirol, 1994)

    EBU Selection 94
    contains: La lunga notte
    (cd, Ars Acustica EBU/UER European Broadcasting Union, 1994)

    by Isabella Bordoni. The libretto of the opera presented at the Hebbel-Theater
    Berlin. Produced by Giardini Pensili, Hebbel-Theater, Inventionen 94, DAAD.
    Italian, English, German with drawings by Oreste Zevola
    (book, L'Alfabeto Urbano, 1995)

    Many Many Voices   Listen to RealAudio clip
    by Isabella Bordoni & Roberto Paci Dalò
    Live-Hörspiel recorded in performance at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.
    With David Moss, Jean-Marc Montera, Anna Clementi, Horst Hörtner, Isabella Bordoni, Roberto Paci Dalò.
    Produced by Akademie der Künste Berlin and SFB Sender Freies Berlin
    With drawings by Oreste Zevola
    (cd, EDEL Records, The Listening Room, 1996)

    Many Many Voices
    by Isabella Bordoni. The complete text (Italian/English/Deutsch) of the radio production
    (book, Il battello ebbro, 1997)

    Giardini Pensili. Il libro dei paesaggi
    texts by Isabella Bordoni, drawings and scores by Roberto Paci Dalò
    with the participation of Hermann De Vries, James Rosen, Mariangela Gualtieri
    and photographs by Roberto Masotti
    English, Italian
    (book, Exit Edizioni,1987)

  • Napoli   Listen to RealAudio clip
    the acoustical portrait of the city of Napoli. A cd with 32 pages booklet in a gorgeous art edition.
    Texts by Isabella Bordoni and John Cage. Photographs and drawings
    by Patrizio Esposito, Antonio Biasiucci, Antonio Neiwiller, Giuseppe Desiato among the others
    (cd + booklet, L'Alfabeto Urbano / Giardini Pensili, AUGP 001,1993)

    NEW RELEASE!: E-M ARTS (Napoli) re-published NAPOLI (E-M ARTS CD 001).
    Price is 20 euro and can be ordered directly to

    Trance Bakxai
    The Isabella Bordoni's Italian/German text of the performance.
    (book, 104 pages, Il battello ebbro editions, 1999)

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