Roberto Paci Dalò / Giardini Pensili
ANIMALIE ..............................anno 2002

Graciela Iturbide, Notre-Dame des Iguanes,
Juchitàn, Oaxaca, Mexico (1978)


The creation of a commentary, to a specific text, not based on words. Instead of replying with another text, here the decision to develop other strategies - based on dance, sound, digital and analog technologies, projections - as thought on the source text.
In ANIMALIE the process is after L'aperto (The Open) the newest text by Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben. A text which is investigating the relationship between human and animal.
The opera drammatica (dramatic work) is not based on this text. It refers to it as a counterpoint. This opens up the possibility to create other commentaries in and through other languages and media. Architecture, installation, a journey, comics.

ANIMALIE is a cycle of creations (or exercises) using the dance as a central point of investigation. A series of works which are not sections of a major piece. Instead they are autonomous and living creatures developing in a organic way ricombining elements such as electronic music, dance, video, text.

Bill Viola, The Sleep of Reason (1988)

a piece by Roberto Paci Dalò
after Giorgio Agamben's L'aperto

direction, video, music, light: Roberto Paci Dalò
with: Margherita Pirotto

set design: Edoardo Sanchi
live video mixing: Filippo Giunchedi
sampled and processed voice: Giorgio Agamben
drawings: Oreste Zevola
lighting mixing: Lora Casadei
live video software: Tom Demeyer / STEIM Amsterdam
dramaturgical collaboration: Nicoletta Fabbri
assistant director and production manager: Laura Casadei

production: Giardini Pensili
co-production: Transcultures Bruxelles, Musiques Nouvelles, Ailleurs, 2.Tants Tallinn, Commune d'Ixelles
in collaboration with: Teatro Petrella di Longiano, GMEM Marseille, Maison du Spectacle La Bellone Bruxelles, [ ] Vienna, Astragali Lecce; with the support of the European Community. The Giardini Pensili Company is supported by Regione Emilia-Romagna, Provincia di Rimini

Anna-Liisa Lepasepp, Azzurra Migani, Tania Arias Winogradow, Alessandra Ripa, Pierpaolo Paolizzi, Sandro Pascucci, Philippe Franck, Jean-Paul Dessy, Jaromil, Priit Raud, Marcello Sambati

Animalie - Athina, October 3-7, 2002, Athens (GR) performed by Anna-Liisa Lepasepp
Animalie - Brussels, November 24-25, 2002, Netdays, Bruxelles (B) performed by Tania Arias Winogradow
Animalie-Lecce, January 25, 2003, Astragali, Lecce (I) performed by Azzurra Migani
Animalie, from march 2005, performed by Margherita Pirotto

Graciela Iturbide, Femme taureau, Juchitàn, Oaxaca, Mexico (1987)


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